MA Students

Hannah Ali

photo of Hannah AliHannah Ali

Hannah Ali is interested in ethics & morality, Muslim societies, family relations, and migration. Her current work attends to examining how Somali Canadian families use moral codes to negotiate Dhaqan ( Somali for 'culture') amongst the every day.

Ioana Ionita

photo of Ioana IonitaIoana Ionita

Ioana Ionita is a M.A. student in Social Anthropology at York University, having completed the Criminology B.A. Hons. also at York. She is looking to study the state of reproductive rights of pregnant incarcerated women in Canada, through a literature review and in-depth expert interviews. One day she hopes to be working for a related activist group such as one of the Elizabeth Fry Societies and making the world a better place. She lives in the York Keele campus with her kitten Chibi.

Zoe Lawrence

photo of Zoe LawrenceZoe Lawrence

My research interests include; food sovereignty and security, consumption, sustainability, and social movements. I plan to explore these themes through fieldwork during my MA.

Aparna Sengupta

photo of Aparna SenguptaAparna Sengupta

Aparna Sengupta is a Master's student in Social Anthropology at York University. She is a Geographer and Environmentalist by academic training. Aparna completed her M.Phil in Science Policy from Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India. She also received a double Master’s in Geography from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi and in Environmental Studies from University of Delhi, India. She has previously worked in the field of Disaster Management, Information-communication technology (ICT) and Traditional knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction. Her research interests are Disaster Anthropology, Environmental Justice, Natural Resource Management, Governance, Indigenous Communities and Knowledge, Cartographic Mapping and her regional focus is South Asia, India.

Outside of academia, she likes painting and travelling to the mountains.

David Uy

Photo of Daniel UyDaniel Uy

Daniel Uy is a Masters student in Social Anthropology. Daniel received his Honours Bachelor of Arts at Ryerson University, majoring in Arts and Contemporary Studies with a focus on Anthropology Studies Option. He is interested in the role of identity in intercultural and transnational communication. His current research explores queer culture and sexuality in the spaces of health and fitness. Other research interests include language use in social media and on social platforms, and mindfulness meditation. Daniel is also a yoga instructor where he uses qualitative research methods and adaptive communication to understand student experiences.