Campus Resources

Anthropological Films and Videos

The Scott Library at York's Keele Campus has an excellent Film Library with a collection of several hundred anthropological films and videos.

Library Resources

photo of students working in the graduate reading room in Scott LibraryAccess to books in other libraries is easily obtained through Inter-Library Loan and York students can obtain access to, and lending privileges at, the University of Toronto libraries.

Interdisciplinary Faculty

Also of interest are those faculty members teaching in other social sciences such as history, sociology and political science, fine arts, environmental studies and women’s studies, who have worked closely with anthropologists.

Computer Services

All graduate students are provided with an account on the university’s computer network. This account gives them access to electronic mail facilities, Internet, York University Library E-resources, statistical software packages (e.g. SPSS, Nvivo), video editing software, transcription software (e.g.. Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Transcription), research aids (maps, slides, videos, folklore material, ethnomusicology tapes, recordings, etc) and access to computing specialists available through Resource Centers throughout the University as well as the Anthropology Resource Lab (ARL).

The department currently has eight networked computers (6 PC and 2 Mac) located in the Anthropology Resource Lab (2041 Vari Hall), available exclusively to graduate students in the Department of Anthropology. This lab is available to students on a 24/7 basis (students can access the department through a coded keypad and a key to the lab).