PhD Dissertations (1990 to date)

Jillian Fulton-Melanson
“The Post-Tarab Soundscape: Underground Electronic Dance Music Culture and the Arab-Canadian Diaspora”, 2021

Maxime Polleri
“Radioactive Governance: The Politics of Expertise after Fukushima”, 2019

Guillaume Dandurand
“The Techno-Politics of Food Security in New Delhi: The Re-Materialization of the Ration Card”, 2018

Nicole McFadyen
“Rights and Rescue: Ethical World Making in the Anti-Trafficking and Sex Worker Rights Movements in Canada”, 2018

Ryan James
"Keeping the Kids out of Trouble": Extra-Domestic Labour and Social Reproduction in Toronto's Regent Park, 1959-2012, 2017

Wangui Kimari
“‘Nai-rob-me’ ‘Nai-beg-me’ ‘Nai-Shanty’ Historicizing Space-Subjectivity Connections in Nairobi From its Ruins”, 2017

Nayrous Abu-Hatoum
"Visuals of the Wall and the Vanishing Landscapes in Palestine", 2016

Melissa Atkinson-Graham
"Surviving Oncology: Living and Dying with Cancer in the Wake of Integrative Care", 2016

Michelle Switzer
"Pulp Friction: Nature, Politics and Plantation Forestry in Soriano, Uruguay", 2015

Rhiannon Mosher
"Speaking Together: Exploring Discourses of 'Dutchness' in Language Learning, Voluntarism, and Active Citizenship", 2015

David Ian Cosh
"Killing Matters: Canadian War Remembrance and the Ghosts of Ortona", 2014

Sharaf Oshurbekov
"Places, Memories and Religious Identity: Muslim Places of Worship in Badakhshan Region of Tajikistan", 2014

Khairul Chowdhury
"The Making of Political Forests in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh: The State, Development and Indigenity", 2014

Michelle Wyndham-West
"Is it Worth the Shot? Ontario Women's Negotiations of Risk, Gender and the Human Papillomavirous (HPV) Vaccine", 2014

Catherine Sutton
"From the Ground Up: Archeology as a Colonial Knowledge Production in Upper Canada, 1830 - 1860", 2013

Nelson Ferguson
"From Coal Pits to Tar Sands: Examining Labour Migration between the Athabasca Oil Sands and an Atlantic Canadian", 2013

Maya Shapiro
"The Politics of Intimacy: An Ethnography of Illegalized Migrant Women and their Undocumented Children in Tel Aviv, Israel", 2013

Micheal Connor Jackman
"Bawdy Politics: Remembering Sexual Liberation", 2013

Marc Lafleur
"Proliferations of Indistinction: Nuclear Spectacle, Sovereignty and the Sensuous Politics of National Security in America", 2012

Arun Chaudhuri
"American Hindu Activism and the Politics of Anxiety", 2012

Jaime Yard
"Working Natures: An Ethnography of Love, Labour and Accumulation on the British Columbian Coast", 2012

Gamal Adam
"Living in Limbo with Hope: The Case of Sudanese Refugees in Cairo", 2012

Elysee Nouvet
"Poverty & Pain: Materializing Forces of Distress in Contemporary Nicaragua", 2011

Robert Snyder
"Becoming Groundfishers in an Era of Depletion in the Northeastern United States", 2011

Laura Eramian
"Situating Ethnic Difference: Personhood, Power, and the 1994 Genocide in Butare, Rwanda", 2010

Brian Freer
"Future Remains: Industrial Heritage at the Hanford Plutonium Works", 2010

Vivian Khouw
"Strategies off the Menu: Gastrospaces and Negotiating Expectations of Chinese Food", 2010

Lisa Cooke
"North to Yukon: (Beyond) the Frontier in Canadian National-Cultural Imaginaries", 2009

Lynda Mannik
Photography, Memory and Refugee Identity: The Voyage of the S.S. Walnut, 1948", 2009

Maria Ordonez
"Affective Departures", 2009

Maggie Cummings
"Looking Good: Women's Dress and the Gendered Cultural Politics of Modernity, Morality, and Embodiment in Vanuatu", 2009

Ron Cadieux
"The Cult of Virabhadra and The Guru King: Asceticism, Eroticism, and Violence in a Hindu Monastary", 2008

Alexandra Widmer
"Genealogies of Biomedicine: Formations of Modernity and Social Change in Vanuatu", 2007

Clara Sacchetti-Dufresne
"Problematics of Identity: Being and Becoming Italian-Canadian", 2007

Mary-Lee Mulholland
"Mariachi in Excess: Performing Race, Gender, Sexuality and Regionalism in Jalisco, Mexico", 2007

Remy Warner
"Battles Over Borders: Hiphop and the Politics and Poetics of Race and Place in the New South Africa", 2007

Karl Schmid
"Losing Your Place Tourism and the Making of Enclaves in Luxor, Egypt", 2006

David Thorsen-Cavers
"Entanglements: Tradition, Modernity and Globalization in Cape Coast", 2006

Adriana Premat
"Cuban Counterpoint of the Public and the Private: Reflections on the Making of Urban Agriculture Sites in Havana, Cuba", 2004

Gabriela Torres
"The Paper Trails of Counterinsurgency Violence: The Documented Design and Implementation of Political
Violence in Guatemala, 1976-1984",

Natasha Pravaz
"Performing Mulatice: Hybridity as Identity In Brazil", 2003

Julia Murphy
"Ethnography and Sustainable Development in the Calakmul Model Forest Campeche, Mexico", 2003

Kathy Gordon
"Reluctant Entrepreneurs: Doing Business in the Marketplace Challapata, Oruro, Bolivia", 2003

Karen McGarry
"Performing Nationalisms: Spectacle and Identity in High Performance Canadian Figure Skating", 2003

Sue Frohlick
"A World of Mountaineering: Transnationality of Mt. Everest& Other High Himalayan Spaces", 2002

Katja Neves-Graca
“A Whale of a Thing: Transformations From Whale Hunting to Whale Watching in Lajes do Pico", 2002

M. Jean Mitchell
"Roads, Restlessness, and Relationships: An Urban Settlement in Post-Colonial Vanuatu", 2002

Jacquelyne Luce
"Queer Conceptions: Lesbian/Bi/Queer Women, Assisted Reproduction and the Politics of Kinship", 2002

Shelly Butler
"Post-colonial Challenges: Reinventing Museums in Post-Aparheid Cape Town", 2002

Andrea N. Walsh
"Contemporary Aboriginal art Texts: Intersections Of Visual Culture", 2001

Gina Castillo
"Looking for the Papers that God Forgot: An Ethnography of Environmental Change", 2000

H. Young-Leslie
"Inventing Health: Tradition, Textiles and Maternal Obligation in the Kingdom of Tonga", 1999

Anna Ning
"Embodying the Myth of Healthiness: Conformity, Resistance and Complicity in Narratives of Addiction and Recovery", 1999

Maggie MacDonald
"Expectations: The Cultural Construction of Nature in Midwifery Discourse in Ontario", 1999

Timothy Epp
"People First: Voicing Disability, Embodied Identity and Social Policy in Ontario", 1999

Linda Epp
"Violating the Sacred? The Social Reform of Devadasis Among Dalits in Karnataka, India", 1997

Pamela Downe
"Contagion and Violence: The Words of Women in Costa Rica", 1997

B. Lynne Milgram
"Crossover, Continuity and Change: Women's Production and Marketing of Crafts in the Upland Philippines", 1997

Guang Tian,
"Presenting New Selves in Canadian Context: The Adaptation Processes of Mainland Chinese Refugees in Metro Toronto", 1996

Lindelwa Ntutela,
"Knowing Thyself: An Afro centric Feminist Analysis of Bifurcated Consciousness among Eight Black Women, Nova Scotia, 1930-1994", 1996

Virginia Caputo
"Musical Matters: Performativity, Gender and Culture in an Anthropology of Urban Canadian Childhoods", 1996

Daniel Yon
"Unstable Terrain: Explorations in Identity, Race and Culture in a Toronto High School", 1996

Kathleen M'Closkey
"Myths, Markets and Metaphors: Navajo Weaving as Commodity and Communicative Form", 1996

Vineetha Menon
"Experiencing Health: An Exploration into the Health Culture of Keralaâs Forest-Dwelling Kanikkar", 1995

Henri Bastaman
"Development and Its Meaning in Upland Citanduy River Basin, West Java", 1995

J. McLellan
"Many Petals of the Lotus: Redefinition's of Buddhist Identity in Toronto", 1993

L. Rue Anderson
"The Corset of Compromise: negotiating social and spatial boundaries in two artists' housing cooperatives in Toronto", 1993

Marilyn Walker
"Thai Elites and the Construction of Socio-Cultural Identity Through Food Consumption", 1992

Maria-Ines Arratia
"Cultural Action and Cultural Synthesis? Participatory Methodologies and the Aymara of Northern Chile", 1991

Steve Gaetz
"Community Action and Youth Provision in Cork, Ireland", 1990

MA Theses (1985 to date)

Katheryne Gray
"Exquisite Happenings: A Sensuous Ethnography of Many Voices" 2017

Justine Conte
"Galleries of Emotion: Temporality, Attunement, and Affect in Confessional Storytelling" 2017

Radha Shah
"Hamdard and Unani: The Contested Terrain of Indo-Muslim Medical Knowledge'' 2016

Daniel Faranda
"Bean There, Grind That: Queer Coffee Culture and the Politics of Place, Belonging and Representation'' 2016

Angeli Humilde
""Creating Imagined Homelands and the Politics Behind the Balikbayan Identity'' 2016

Elaine Cagliostro
""You Owe it to Yourself": Discourses of Hope and Work in Brain Injured Individuals' Experiences with Brain Training Games'' 2015

Simon Posner
"Mythologizing a 'Zone City': Urban Fantasies of and in Songdo, South Korea", 2015

Jayne Malenfant
"Anarchism in the Boonies: Place-Making, Technology and Resistance in Rural Canada", 2015

Faarah Ibrahim
"The Effects of the Mobile Phone on Social Etiquette: A Study Pertaining to the Guyanese Baby Boom Generation", 2015

Joseph Wickenhauser
"Surprisingly Unexpected: Moose Jaw, Metronormativity and LGBTQ Activism", 2012

Mary Jean Hande
"The Canadian Libertation Therapy Movement: Mapping the New Terrain of Patient Activism", 2012

Kaila Simoneau 
"Getting the Click": Producing and Practicing Documentary Photography", 2012

Ian Puppe
"Shivering in Brent, Ontario: Haunted Recreation in Algonquin Park", 2012

Robert Ferguson
"Crowdsourcing Health Information: An Ethnograpic Exploration of Passive and Active Partisipation and Personae as Biosocial Identity on", 2011

Courtney Nickerson
"Connections, Practices, and the Particular: A Multispecies Ethnography of the South Western Shore of Nova Scotia", 2011

Jessica Caporusso
"Tuning In: Sonic Atmoshere and Affective Labour in Recording Studio Life", 2011

Susie Morgado
"The 'Working Class Culture' of a Group of Portuguese Canadian Women: 'The Girls' at Home, Leisure and Work", 2011

C. Niki Thorne
"An Experiment in Liberation Fuelled by Love: Hamilton Freeskool, Prefigurative Politics and Anthropological Practices", 2011

Daniele Coghlan
"Unsettling Sensations: Trauma in the Lives and Works of Four Canadian Artists", 2010

Lauren Harding
"Hiking Along the Great Divide: Exploring Socio-Natures in the Canadian Rockies", 2010

Ben. Prichard
"Prescription Opiate Abuse in Rural Canada: An Anthropological Perspective", 2010

Karen Angus
"Dancing Caricatures: Race and Gender in Ballroom Dancing", 2010

Siobhan McCollum
"What is Poverty in this Place? Discourses of Poverty in a Belizean Village", 2009

Melissa Atkinson-Graham
"The Body in and of Craniosacral Therapy: An Ethnographic Examination", 2009

Jeremy Elder-Jubelin
"Fac (ebook) ing a Crowd?: An Exploration of Audience, Context, Privacy and Self-Presentation on Facebook", 2009

Susan Rice
"A Window to the Water: An Examination of the Historical Themes of Ethiopian Colonialism for Oromo "Refugees" ", 2009

Kate M. Arcus
"The Tween Category: Tween Girls and Their Relationship with Material Culture", 2008

A. Theema Mohamed
"Exploring 'Development': Subjective Experiences of Tourism Development in Addu, Maldives", 2008

Serena Thomas
"Les Pieds La Avec Les Tetes Ailleurs: Mapping Diasporic Weavings of Blackness and Belonging in a Parisian Hair Salon", 2008

Melanie Hammond
"Twenty Two Lenses for a Single Diagnosis: An Ethnography of ADHD", 2008

Andrea Cole
"Thresholds of Hospitality in Dutch-Surinamese Relations, 1667-2000", 2008

Beth Dewitt
"I Swam Across All That, An Ethnography of Cambodian Women's Strength", 2008

Gloria Adagbon
"Multilevel Marketing: The Paradox of Autonomy", 2007

Secil Dagtas
"Married to the Military: Family, Nationalism and Women's Political Agency in Turkey", 2007

Karen O'Connor
"Nationalism and State Violence as a 'Moral' Practice: Sex Work and Urban Regeneration in Machala, Ecuador", 2007

Jennifer Bisch
"Memory in Ruins: Images of History in a Rural Western Canadian Town ", 2007

Nayrouz Abu-Hatoum
"On the Borderzone: Toronto's Diasporic Queer Muslims" , 2007

Maya Shapiro
"Activism at the Grassroutes: Working for Change with Migrant Agricultural Labourers in Canada" , 2007

Alexandre Beliaev
"Aethetics of Temporality: Reflections on Sexuality and Aging In Toronto", 2006

Bertie Friedlander
"Successful Aging: An Analysis of People and Places Dedicated to Learning Programs for Seniors", 2006

Jaime Yard
"Rehearsing Politics: Explorations of North American 'Theatre of the Oppressed' Praxis as Embodied Pedagogy", 2006

Caglayan Ayhan
"In the Name of Modernity, For the Sake of the Nation: Madness, Psychiatry and Politics from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic (1500s-1950s)", 2005

Matthew Lawrence
"Being the Global Truths We Speak: Articulating Flobal Identities Through Anti-Globalization", 2005

Susan McNaughton
"Sacralization of Space: The Play of Gender and Kinship in South Indian Temple Ritual", 2005

Andrew Taylor
"Negotiating Harm Reduction: Risk, Bodies and Youth Substance Users", 2005

Arun Chaudhuri
"Culture, Identity, and the Space of Sound: South Asian Urban Electronic Music in Toronto", 2005

Shadi Eskandani
"Diasporic Weaving's of Identity: Orientalist (Re) Articulations of Persianness Amongst Persian Carpet Merchants", 2004

Danielle Bryant
"Developing Backwards: Heritage, Hierarchy and Tourism Development at a Barbadian Tourist Site", 2004

Rodolfo Valentim
"Portuguese Food in Toronto: Exploring the Relationship Between Food Practices and Ethnic Identification", 2003

J. Schoemaker
"Both Sides of the Beach: Public Nudity and Discourses of Sexuality on the Nude Beach", 2003

D. Kramer
"In the House but Not at Home: House-Girls in Vanuatu", 2003

Radhika Johari
"Of Sanctions and Sanctuary-Making: The Cultural Politics of Nature in Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan, India 1850-2000", 2003

Nadia Ejaz
"Legal Interventions: Race, Space and Legal Aid in the New South Africa", 2003

Saul Cohen
"Hiding Contestations: An Evaluation of Community Based Wildlife Management in Botswan", 2002

Ilana Dadds
"A Place Called Port Hope: Identitiy and Activism in a Southeastern Ontario Town", 2002

Claire Montgomery
"Learning Common-Sense: A Study of Class Consciousness Among a Male Network of Friends", 2002

Jeremy Coombs
"Franz Boas and George Hunt: Uncovering the Relationship between Anthropologist and his Collector", 2002

Irma Molina-Alfaro
"Viva Zapata! Envisioning Social Change in Chiapas, Mexico", 2001

Sam Dunn
"Keeping the Pain: Health, Belonging and Resilience Among Guatemalian Immigrant Men", 2001

Frank Scherer
"A Culture of Erasure: Orientalism and Chineseness in Cuba 1847-1997", 2000

Micheal Nahman
"Embodied Stories, Pragmatic Lives: Intersex Body Narratives on the Net", 2000

Gul Jafri
"Constructing Identities and Religious Meanings: Ithna-Ashari Shi's Women Raised in the "West", 2000

Johanna Faigleman
"Constraining Abandon: Ideologies of Community and Internal Hierarchies in the Rave Scenes of Toronto and Montreal", 2000

Bruce Trono
"Dos Vuelts en el Aire: Sex and Gender Diversity in Juchitan, Oaxaca", 1999

Anke Schwittay
"Between San Andre's and Buenos Aires: Memory, Practice and Articulation of an Indigenous Land Struggle in Northwestern Argentina", 1999

Alessand Miklavcic
"The Mauritians in Canada: Between Globalization and Nation-State Building", 1999

Joanne Lebert
"Negotiating Angolan-ness in Diaspora", 1999

Eden-Margaret Hall
"Ethogenesis and Identity: Toronto's Changing Francophone Community", 1999

Jackie Esmonde
"Neoliberalism, Youth Poverty and Washing Windshields: An Ethnographic Study of Squeegeeing in Toronto", 1999

Marc Abramiuk
"Reliability Modeling Development at Ek Xux", 1999

Shiho Satsuka
"Re-creation through Landscape: Subject Production in Canadian Cottage Country", 1998

Simone Ruff
"After the Crisis: An Exploration of Humanitarian Workers' and Somali Refugee Women's Narratives of Health", 1998

Alberto Guevara
"Playing in the Margins, An Ethnography in Two Acts: A "Presentation" of A Performance of Social Action Theatre In Montreal", 1998

Angie Danyluk
"Living Feminism and Orthodoxy: Orthodox Jewish Feminists", 1998

Adriana Premat
"Feeding the Self and Cultivating Identities in Havana, Cuba", 1998

Lyndon Phillip
"The Caribana Festival: Continuity, Change, Crisis and an Alternative Music", 1998

S. Brotherton
"Contagious Bodies: Multiple Narratives From a Jamaican HIV/AIDS Hospice", 1998

J. Manson-Hing
"In Vitro Fertilization: The Manufacturing of a Biological Identity", 1996

Louise Hamilton
"Identity and Intergenerational Conflict among Cambodian Youth in Toronto", 1996

Leah Jaunzems
"An Esoteric-Exoteric Examination of Identity Labels Regarding Black Canadians", 1996

Carmen Cayer
"Coming Full Circle: Religion and Identity Among Second Generation Muslim Women of Indo-Pakistani Origin in Toronto", 1996

Jacquelyne Luce
"Visible Bodies: Revealing the Paradox of Pregnancy", 1996

Joseph Macchiusi
"Fearing the Unknown: British Hygienic and Sanitary Policy in the Colonial New Hebrides 1900-1940", 1996

Roy Dudgeon
"The Pattern which Connects: Ecology, Anthropology, & Postmodernity", 1996

John King
"Power and Identity: Inalienable Possessions in an Anthropology of Ancient Maya Caches", 1995

Micheal Stainton
"Return Our Land: Counterhegemonic Presbyterian Aboriginality in Taiwan", 1995

Pia Kontos
"Constructing Old Age in a Place Called Home", 1995

Robin Whitaker
"Staying Faithful: Challenges to Newfoundland Convents", 1994

Andrea McIntosh
"Constructing the Identity of the (female) Combat Arms Officer", 1994

Ian Brown
"Eckankar: A Postmoderm Spiritual Path of Therapeutic Consumption", 1994

Jonathan Haxell
"The Commitment to Small Scale Agriculture in the Parry Sound Area", 1993

Shelley Butler
"Contested Representations: Revisiting “Into the Heart of Africa"", 1993

Anna Ning
"Regulating Health Professions and Chinese Medicine in Ontario", 1993

Marie Foley
"Beggars Can't Be Choosers: An Ethnography of a Food Bank", 1992

Gina Castillo
"Amethyst: Contested Meanings Within a Commune Setting", 1992

Terri Aihoshi
"The Best Place To Be: Keeping Cowboy Through Narratives of Place, Experience, and Identity", 1992

Charles Menzies
"People Not Money Build Co-operatives: The Prince Rupert Fishermen's Co-operative Association", 1991

Marilyn McKnight
"Context and The Construction of Fetal Characterizations "I'm Constructing this Image"", 1991

Maria-Ines Arratia
"Cultural Action and Cultural Synthesis? Participatory Methodologies and the Aymara of Northern Chile", 1991

Daniel Yon
"Migration, Schooling and the Politics of Identity, A Case Study of Caribbean Students in a Toronto High School", 1991

Diane Broom
"Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada with a Focus on the Inuit of Nunavut", 1991

Ronald Thurgood
"Sometimes I Wonder if I Spent Too Much: Expressing Value at Country Auctions in Eastern Prince County, P.E.I.", 1991

Colin Gomez,
"Sacrifice and Cultural Violence in the Central Andes", 1991

Annabelle Sabloff
"Re-Ordering the Natural World: Human-Animal Relations in a Canadian Urban Setting", 1991

Mona Perusse
"The Dispute Over Housing for Consumers of Mental Health Services in a Toronto Neighbourhood", 1991

Poppy Cobanoglu-Padley
"A Study of Greek Migrant Families in Hamburg, West Germany: A Multivariate Approach To Cultural Adaptation and Conjugal Relationships", 1990

Rosalind Morris
"New Worlds from Fragments: Film, Ethnography, and the Representation of Northwest Coast Cultures", 1989

Carol Dignam
"Candida Albicans in Anthropological Perspective", 1988

Steven Parr
"Rights Fighters: An Exploratory Study of Human Rights Worker Voluntary Associations in Ontario", 1988

Janet McLellan
"The Ethno-Religious Identity of Tibetans in Lindsay, Ontario", 1987

Chantel Matthews
"A Comparative Analysis of the Form and Content of Dispute and Customary Dispute Settlement Agencies in Three South-central African Societies", 1987

L. Eppheise
"The Underside of Knowledge Construction: Sexual/Textual Politics of Female Anthropologists. Life Stories as Negotiated Dialogue", 1987

Derek Friend
"Social Life of Elderly Ojibwa", 1986

David Parry
"Assertions of Power: An Examination of Marginal Negotiations Between Police Officers and Citizens", 1986

Steve Gaetz
"Youth Expression in the Eighties: A Network Analysis of the Punks of Toronto", 1985

Patricia Desjardin
"Domestic Labour: An Anthropological Perspective", 1985

Major Research Papers

Weibin Wang
“In-Betweenness: A Cinema Notebook”, 2021

Cheery-Maria Attia
“The Coptic Diaspora in Canadian Secular Multiculturalism: Questions of Belonging and Negotiated Identity”, 2021

Ravneet Somal
"Sex and Sexuality in South Korea: Conversations with four citizens in Seoul", 2020

Tahsina Akhter
"Under the Shadow of Precarity: Political Ecology of Food and South Asian Women Entrepreneurs in Toronto", 2020

Palbi Sharma Bhargava
"For the Love of Wine: An Ethnographic Account of Wine Tourism in Kelowna, BC", 2020

Ana Speranza
"Restitution at the Museo de La Plata: Articulations of Heritage and Recognition by the Argentinean State", 2020

Patricia Trudel
"Diasporic reimaginings of han among Korean youth in Canada", 2020

Raheleh Abbasinejad
"In the Pursuit of Dialogues: Book Clubs as Sites of Resistance and Diagnostic Tools for Exploring Power Relations in Tehran, Iran", 2020

Daniel Arauz
"The Warriors Within: Identity and Community in LGBTQ Dungeons & Dragons and TTRPG Play Groups", 2020

Isabella Chawrun
"The Bureaucracy of State Care: Observing Structural Violence in Care Programs in Ontario’s Developmental Sector", 2020

Divyanjul Puvamanasinghe
"Blackness—A Category Unbound: Cosplayers Navigating Black Representations in Marvel’s Black Panther", 2020

Janelle Curry
“Searching for Space: Stories from Donor Conceived Adults Navigating Kinship in Toronto”, 2020

Shelby Magee
“Embracing all Faces of Beauty: An Ethnographic Study on Queer Men Wearing Makeup”, 2020

William McMillan
“Not by Faith Alone: Social Capital and the Pursuit of Sponsorship “Success” at a Toronto Church”, 2020

Jordan Hodgins
“Tracing the Social Life of Naloxone: Exploring Barriers to Access for the Ontario Naloxone Program for Pharmacies in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area”, 2019

Neda Maki
“Because I Come From a Patient and Forgiving Culture: Accepting the Amended Apology To The Former Residential School Students of Newfoundland and Labrador”, 2019

Leslie Vesely
“The Double Binds of Formal Diagnosis: Tactics for Navigating Third-party Payers among Clinical Psychologists in Ontario”, 2019

Parinaz Adib
“What Are We Doing: Grasping at Solidarity in Athens, Greece”, 2018

Lea Alilovic
“Historical Durability and Optimism in the Self-making of Female La Bestia Migrants”, 2018

Kiah Leone
“Pragmatic Providers: Caring for Women with Female Genital Cutting in Canada”, 2018

Nadine Ryan
“Ambling through Barcelona and Montserrat Pilgrimage, Tourism and Walking Research”, 2018

Ryan Eden
"Labours of Love: An Apprenticeship in Generating of Non Violent Forms of Entropy", 2016

Cassandra Preston
"Masculinity Monologues: Mal Actors Negotiating Hegemonic Masculinity On and Off Stage in Athens, Greece", 2016

Jenna Coutinho
"Navigating Health in "Crisis": The Minimal Biopolitics of Humanitarian Aid in Greece", 2016

Nadine Martin
"Coloured Identities: Stories of Ambivalent Negotiations in Post-Apartheid South Africa", 2016

Laura Dickie
"If you Didn't Take a Picture, it Didn't Happen: Constructing Images of Romance and Intimacy in the Contemporary Digital Age in Suburban Areas North of Toronto", 2016

Julien Cossette
"Critical Encounters on the Road: Walking Migrants on an Island Full of Buses", 2016

Tali Pelich
""The Value of Commonality: Negotiating Identity and Migration within a Jewish Community in Winnipeg, Manitoba", 2016

Justin Ryder
""Sexual Orientation", "Gender Identity" and "Gender Expression" Policies in the Workplace", 2015

Yasmin Erfanipour
"Re-thinking T2DM Amongst Indigenous Populations in Canada: The Potential of Self-determination and Indigenous Concepts of Health to Reduce Rates and Improve Health", 2015

Patrick Mbullo Owour
"Can the Road Tell a Different Story?: A Critical Look at the Impact of China's Road Construction Projects in Kenya", 2015

Alison Hill
"Making up Birth: Stories of Friction, Production and Transformation", 2014

Marta Bak
"Women in Frames of Invisibility: The Hidden Experiences of Civilian Female Partners of Canadian Male Soldiers Who Served in the War in Afghanistan", 2014

Brandon Wee
"Three Takes on Film Festivals as Museums: Political Economy, Exhibition and Programming", 2014

Thibault Kervarech
"Making Protest: Corporate Newspaper Media and Occupy Toronto", 2013

Forouz Salari
"What not to Wear on the Streets of Tehran: the Affective and Behavioural Influences of Circulating Stories on North American Disporic Iranian Women", 2012

Petra Diop
"The "Bogus" Refugee: Discourses of Fraud in Bill C-31 and the Recent Rhetoric in Canadian Immigration Policy", 2012

Andrew Schuldt
"Powerful Currents: The Making of the Electric Grid and the People in Ontario", 2012

Daniel Banoub
"Fogo Island Arriving: An Anti-Essentialist Reading of the Production of Place", 2011

Emily Simmonds
"Anticipatory Governance: Security and Mobility", 2011

Ryan Johnston
"Tears for the Tiger: Emotional Knowledge, Contested Authority, and Intimate Experience in the Construction of Endangered Species", 2011

Jessica Coelho
"Politics of Framing: Roma Identities within the EU", 2011

Lynnette Fischer
"Next Year in Sarajevo: Nostalgia and the kSymbolic Representations of Bosnia's Besieged Capital", 2010

Sara Grandinetti
"Transcending Totalizing Models of Capitalism, Art and Consumer Culture: The Affective Politics of Visual Advertising", 2009

Fatimah Jackson
"Examining Mental Healthcare Services Model Potentialities for Blacks in Canada", 2009

Shaheen Ariefdien
"Do the Knowledge: On the Intersection of Hip-Hop, Pedagogy and Activism", 2009

Kevin Smith
"Site and Sound: Identity as Performance in (The) Jamacian Dance Hall", 2008

Salman Hussian
"Encountering Development Discourse: Opium Production and Trade in Afghanistan", 2008

Andrea Bussmann
"Unfinished Disposal: The Recreation of "Things" and "Images" in the Mexico City Waste Disposl Process", 2008

Nicole Wright
"Material Markers and The Manifestation of 'Me': Objects that Skource the Self on the Journey of Inner Transformation", 2007

Leora Sas
"Virtual Encounters: Exploring the "Self" and "Other" Through Television-Tourism", 2007

Jessica Trinier
"Interrogating the Intersection: Productive Difference and Nature as Agent in the Cree-Environment, Alliance of the Great Whale Campaign (1989 - 1994) ", 2007

Nicole Winston
"Race, Representation and the Maternal Body: Infant Feeding Decisions of Black Women in North America", 2007

Alex Wilson
"Beyond Recognition: Touring the Ruins of Expo 67", 2006

Ryan Weston
"Dressing Down The Holy: Roberto Cavali's "Holy Bikinis" and the Cultural Appropriation of Hinduism", 2006

Ryan James
"A Last-ditch Stand: The 1971 Riot at Kingston Penitentiary", 2006

Behzad Sarmadi
"Modernity, Multiplicity & Ambiguity: An Exercise in Beginnings", 2006

Bharat Punjabi
"The State and Re-Territorilization in Mumbai, India", 2006

Annalis Weckesser-Muthalali
"The Anti-Politics of Eco-tourism and Sustianable Development: A Case Study of Kerala's Thenmala Eco-tourism Park", 2006

Marnie Lifshen
"Borderlines: Social Construction, HIV/AIDS and Medical Epistemology", 2005

Amanda Latimer
"Theories of Self and Resistance in the Post-Fordist and Cooperative Work Setting", 2004

L. Adhami-Dorrani
"9/11 A Post-Modern Analysis of a New Hate Discourse: The Demonization of "Other"", 2004

Jean McDonald
"Women Missing, Objects Found", 2004

Dina Aloi
"Anthropological Critique of Child Solders" , 2004

Ivana Polonijo
"In Whose Words? Narrative Analysis of International Volunteer Stories from an Anthropological Perspective", 2004

Mads Sorensen
"The Paper Trails of Counterinsurgency Violence: The Documented Design and Implementation of Political Violence in Guatemala 1976-1984", 2004

Sandra Byers
"Anthropology of Policy, Canadian Multiculturaliz, and Cultural Equity: Policy Intersections From An anthroplogical Perspective", 2001

Marc Lafleur
"Visions of the World: Imagery, Trauma and Uneasy Spectatorship", 2001

Andre Goldenberg,
"Urban Aboriginal Health & Governance: Rethinking the Paradigms, Policies and Politics of Community", 2001

Marnie Bjornson,
"Recontextualizing 'The Citizen' in Dutch Parliamentary Practice: 1892-1999", 2000

Katherine Zacharia
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