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image of the cover of the presentation on applying to graduate school at York University in the Anthropology programWelcome to the Graduate Program in Social Anthropology at York University. We are a dynamic intellectual community of scholars and students committed to theoretically informed, empirically grounded, and socially relevant research. Our faculty expertise spans a world of topics, theories and innovative methodologies through which we teach and produce knowledge that critically illuminates the social and cultural life of the past, the present, and projects about the future.

The outstanding quality and diversity of our graduate students is one of our greatest strengths. Students find inspiration and opportunity to engage in ethnographic fieldwork (including digital) in places, communities, and archives on topics of contemporary and historical relevance. Our program offers courses, workshops, and colloquia though which students develop the research and professional skills needed to produce new knowledge in anthropology and contribute to theoretical and methodological developments in the discipline. We strongly encourage students to join one of York’s renowned Research Centres to take advantage of cross-disciplinary learning opportunities and expand their intellectual community.

Our program prepares students to pursue their academic and professional career goals. Our graduates hold academic posts at universities across Canada and the United States. They can also be found in policy, research, and leadership positions for NGOs, governmental agencies, and consulting and marketing agencies; in curatorial positions in museums; and as filmmakers, artists, and writers.

Grad Program News

June 18, 2021

photo of Alexandra Frankel
PhD candidate Alexandra Frankel interviewed anthropologist Matthew Wolf-Meyer in Somatopshere’s WRITING LIFE series. Read it here! somatosphere.net

June 18, 2021

photo of Allison Odger
PhD candidate Allison Odger has a new co-authored publication in the journal Cities & Health entitled A narrative-based exploration of ageing, precariousness and housing instability among low-income older adults in Canada” Read it here: www.tandfonline.com

March 8, 2021

Hana Ahmed worked in Bangladesh for many years as a journalist and human rights advocate. Now a Doctoral student in Social Anthropology, she studies the land titling system for the Indigenous people of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh and uses her research for teaching the next generation of students.

March 4, 2021

photo of Patrice Dickenson
Congratulations to Patrice Dickenson, MA candidate in Social Anthropology at York University, who has been awarded the Zdenka Volavka Research Fellowship to support her research:

“My research project will examine the various ways that Yoruba traditional religious objects are presented, situated, and realized through the institutional practices of Western museums in light of increasing calls for item repatriation and through the lens of a diasporic practitioner of traditional Yoruba religion.”

December 21, 2020

photo of Weibin Wang
Weibin Wang, MA student in Social Anthropology has been nominated for Best Experimental Film at HiShorts! Film Festival in Xiamen China for his film My Ideal Family. The film won the Best Cinematography Award at Future of Film Showcase 2020 (http://www.fofs.ca/). See it on CBC Gem.

November 13, 2020

photo of a poster promoting the Manitowabi Public Anthropology Lecture
Dr. Darrel Manitowabi gives the 2020 Public Anthropology Lecture on the ethics of applying anthropology when it comes to law and First Nations Treaties.

July 5, 2019

photo of Dr. Guillaume Dandurand
Congratulations Dr. Guillaume Dandurand, winner of a 2018 Faculty of Graduate Studies Dissertation prize for his dissertation “The Techno-Politics of Food Security in New Delhi: The Re-Materialization of the Ration Card”. The Thesis & Dissertation Prizes celebrate exceptional Master's and PhD theses each year.

July 3, 2019

stylized photo of Vari Hall used as the Grad Life podcast logo
PhD candidate Guillaume Dandurand discusses his research on GradLife podcast Episode # 15: A passage to India.

May 23, 2019

stylized photo of Vari Hall used as the Grad Life podcast logo
MA candidate Janelle Curry talks about the creation of the Queer Graduate Student Caucus on the GradLife Podcast, Episode 10: A space for Queer students.